Federal Practice Dashboard
Federal Practice Dashboard

Federal Practice Dashboard

"We like to think of our champions and idols as superheroes who were born different from us. We don’t like to think of them as relatively ordinary people who made themselves extraordinary." – Carol Dweck, Author of Growth Mindset

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What Lawyers Do, LLC, is so excited to bring you this online course + resource that will help you transform your practice and set you on the path to new legal expertise!

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What Lawyers Do is redesigning legal education to create sustainable paths for expertise in new practice areas.

We bring experts from all over the country to share strategies and techniques and our course creators turn their wisdom into actionable systems and processes that anyone can use.

We are creating a thriving community of legal professionals looking to take their careers into their own hands and lead to a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible industry.

Find out more about our courses at whatllawyersdo.co.

Get the most out of this course!

We are so glad you’ve joined the Launch a Federal Practice Course, and we want to make sure you get the most out of it!

So here’s one simple trick for doing just that:

Embrace the way you like to learn.

The Launch a Federal Practice has a wealth of materials in different formats because it’s created for a lot of different learning types.

  • Some of you learn best by watching - so the video lessons will be your go-to

  • Some of you may learn best by reading and working through exercises on your own – so taking notes and working through the materials may work best for you

  • Some of you may learn best through examples – by reading pleadings, transcripts, and pro-tips and listening to the lessons as podcasts, without ever taking a single note – and that’s ok too!

The bottom line is this: It’s ok to have your own preferred way of approaching this course and toolkit, and it’s super powerful to accept and lean into that.

We have organized the materials so that you can work your way through the course A-to-Z, OR you can access the resources on-the-go when you need them.

A-to-Z Method

The core of the course is the video series. It is the best place to start and a great way to measure your progress - i.e. when you have "completed" the course (but really you will never complete it because it is an evergreen resource!!)

The other resources - transcripts, pleadings, and written guides, should be perused after, or if you like, while enjoying the videos. Your goal with these supplemental resources is to get familiar with what is in this course.

Remember - you are going to come back to this tool every time you work a federal case.

The best thing you can do for your future-self is to get to know what resources are here so you don't accidentally do work we have already done for you!

On-the-Go Method

No time for the video series? Just want answers quickly?

We have organized and curated explanations, sample pleadings, and pro-tips so that you can quickly get what you need when you need it

But, seriously, don't skip the videos! (see above A-to-Z method)

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